Thursday, 27 April 2017

Training Dogs with Christopher Banke

If you were to look into it these days, you would find that Christopher Banke works hard as an independent dog trainer for pet people in all walks of life. While he does train dogs for shows and competitions, as well as for law enforcement and the motion picture industry, Chris also provides services for dog parents who just want their pets to be the best they can be. Whether you just want your dog to walk without dragging you or you want to win a top-line dog show, Christopher Banke is here to help. He is a highly accomplished dog trainer capable of helping you get the best results.

If there is one thing Chris Banke has, it’s experience. He has been training dogs for more than three decades, despite the fact that he is a relatively young man. That is because he began his career when he was just 15 and he had already established his own training company at a large facility in northern Vermont before he was 20 years old. Tht facility is not only still in operation, but it is thriving. Not long after, he established his own breeding kennel. Over the course of his career, Chris has grown in stature within the profession, in part because of his skills, but also for his high level of activism within the training community.

That reputation comes out of his membership in training organizations. For example, he was a founding member of Schaeferhund Schutzhund Club, for which he also serves as a Vice President. A founding member of The Mid-Island Schutzhund Club, he also served that organization as a training director for some and he founded and directed training with The Pinebarrens Schutshund Club for a time, as well.